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Writing like any profession requires your dedication and determination to make a go of it. Whether you have a Degree in Journalism or English doesn’t matter if you don’t pursue your passion, anymore than if you have a degree in teaching and don’t pursue your chosen career. If you don’t have a college or university degree that reflects your passion, don’t worry – if you are good at what you do, you will still be able to become an accomplished writer, you just might have to work a little harder to prove that you are good.

Becoming an accomplished writer in our modern world is often less about the education behind you and more about your ability to think outside the box in a field that has become highly competitive in the number of writers available, and the wages.

The internet has opened up all sorts of opportunities for all sorts writers. But the same holds true for potential clients that are looking for writers. Writers outside America will often work for far less, and while there are many excellent ones, if the client is looking for writing in English they often find themselves with a big surprise when the writer has English as a second language.

Early on, in your writing career you may actually have to write for these less than favorable wages just to establish yourself and get your writing career moving forward. Don’t worry – it won’t always be like this. As your skills become recognized you should have no problem earning what your worth.

There are many different areas of writing so finding your niche is important. Just as not everyone is great at writing fiction, not everyone is good at writing non-fiction. Most of us have an area in our lives that we are passionate about. Perhaps you love to travel, then writing on travel might be your niche; or maybe you’re a techie person and would do great writing “how to” books.

Some people specialize in writing for the internet and write on a vast number of ever changing topics in what’s more of a magazine style. Article writing is a very lucrative business for those that are good at it, and with a little patience you can prove yourself as an accomplished writer and build a strong clientele that keeps returning. If this sounds like an area that might interest you, there’s plenty of information available online that can help you get started.

The key to become an accomplished writer is simply being a good writer: quality, informational writing that engages the reader and makes them want to stay is a must, along with good spelling and grammar.

If you love to write, now is a great time to get your career moving.

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