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Article writers are high in demand. The internet has lead to a increased need for article writers as fresh and new content is necessary for websites, blogs, newsletters, and promoting your business. The first requirement in becoming an accomplished article writers is the ability to write.

If you are able to do a little research and then create an interesting article, you can make money as an article writer. To become an accomplished article writer you need to comprehend your market, and determine where your writing skills best fit.

Professional Writers

These individuals are skilled and trained to write for news papers, magazines, and other formal publications. Professional writers are required to have a high degree of skill and knowledge, earning more than $0.10  per word. They have expertise in a specific topic and have years of experiencing with this type of writing.

SEO Writers

SEO writers are at the bottom of the quality food chain. SEO involves using particular words in a website’s text to help the site rank better in the search engines for that keyword. This type of writing is focused on the search engines more than it is focused on the reader. These articles are often slapped together and are lacking in quality, may contain poor grammar, and are often written by someone whose second language is English.

Article Writers

Article writers fall right in the middle between professional writers and SEO writers. Better writers will demand rates that are higher, while those who are just developing their skills will earn significantly less. Rate will vary from around $0.02 to $0.10 depending on topic  and the skill level of the writer.

Becoming an Article Writer

If you want to become an article writer you need to find clients, then you can get started. The clients can be found on a number of websites where webmasters will go to look for services, as well as various forums. Some of the most popular websites to find article writing work include,, and

Once you have bid on a job and won that contract, you will need to write an article based on the criteria set out by the client. You must make sure the article is high quality, accurate, with correct spelling and grammar. Of course, all your articles must be your own writing. Plagiarism is a criminal offence. Finish your assignment, send it off to the client, and then get paid. As your skills grow and as you become recognized your business will grow.

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